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A designer is a professional who creates visual plans for objects, mainly in a commercial context, for example for chairs, posters, clothes, websites or buildings. I mean graphic designers, interaction designers, fashion designers, industrial designers, interior designers, as well as architects, who design buildings and spaces.

I noticed that many architects and designers wear black regularly. Regularly enough that if I were to look into that person’s wardrobe I would be impressed by its blackness. I don’t mean wear exclusively black and I don’t even mean they wear all black outfits, just mostly black, most of the time.

Not all…

This essay was written for the publication “Band of Burnouts” by Jess Henderson and the School of Commons of the ZHdK

Most people associate burnout with being overworked and this overwork leading to stress, anxiety, depression, suicidal ideation, mental breakdown or complete exhaustion. It is also defined in relation to being unable to continue to work.

There’s something funny about defining the symptoms of burnout in relation to work, and at the same time defining the result of burnout in relation to work. It’s strange to relate severe mental stress to its negative impact on productivity or perhaps speaks of…

First excursions

Sweet anemia extends
through tissue bone and limb
dive down and suffer from the bends
I can’t lift a muscle
cough fatigue and fever chills
no hedonism thrills

A new life horizontal
to drown in sickbed smell
and to succumb in narrow room
all’s ill, unwell
to need to stand
and having need and will
to cannot rise and to lie still

Health is wasted on the healthy
fact I, like you, forget
and soon a tepid gloom denies
all autonomous action
strangled by immune reaction
pills and headaches and advice
that daily obsession

Be patient
and tell me…

This is a fictional short story told from the perspective of a Romanian man passing as an English upper-class student at Oxford. It was completed as part of my BA thesis in Visual Communication at the Zurich University of the Arts. The character’s opinions do not reflect my own but are used as a narrative method of understanding passing and class.

I was working in the Romanian food shop when I got the call from my mother. Back then I was still Romanian and I was still on speaking terms with my parents. She told me that my A-Levels letter…

I interviewed exchange students from three Zurich universities. I asked them about their impressions of the schools, the people and the city. Here are their stories, their words and opinions are their own.

Saja from Palestine
Law student at the UZH

I am focusing on International Law, Public Law actually. I know a lot about the neutrality of Switzerland, a lot of international organisations which is amazing and interesting actually, and a great chance to just apply the knowledge to apply the knowledge in the real world of Switzerland, besides it’s amazing surroundings and scenery. It is different from Italy, it’s different from France, and Germany and all…

You have something I want. Let’s say it’s an egg. I ask you what you it costs. You happen to notice that I have an apple and you offer to give me the egg for my apple. This is a trade. We’re dealing with perishable goods here so we better be fast or the food will rot. And what if the apple is big and a rare sort, surely it’s worth more than one egg. Two eggs at least for such an apple. Trade gets complicated fast.

Things get easier if we use money, which is a medium of exchange…

Nicolae Zamsa

Designer and writer in Zurich

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